On that note, we say goodbye to our bird friends. When I started this story 10 months ago, I didn’t think it would become this big journey but I had fun making it. I hope you enjoyed my try at long-form storytelling & fantasy as well and thank you for following along & not bitching about me trying out something different.

As for what’s next for Beardfluff, I can tell you there’s lots yet to come. I have some 1-pagers coming up and ideas for more stories (1 that’s more facial hair oriented) but nothing quite as long as this one just yet. This story is getting bundled as a book (after some editing and corrections) and I’ll be doing a redesign of the website if I can find the time.
Let’s see, what else? Oh, there are a few comic conventions I’ll be attending in the UK. Comica comiket the 21st of April and London MCM Expo the 25th to 27th of May.

So stay tuned and come back next week for more Beardfluff, I’ll just keep on going wherever it takes me.