You might have seen me mention Artropoda magazine before. It’s a monthly comics magazine of Belgian comics/cartoons, distributed in various comic shops in Anterwerp (Tse Tse, Mekanik en Beo) and now/soon-ish Ghent as well. My contribution is an ongoing comic about a guy who wakes up with a cloud for a head + I made the cover for the latest issue.

I’ll be posting my pages online 1 month after the’re published in the magazine. So if you want the very latest ones, pick up Artropoda magazine in one of the shops or contact them on the site or via Facebook.

Unfortunately, there’s no international orders possible at this time. They are, however, looking into setting up an online shop to make ordering more convenient + there’s a subscription model in the works. (I’m hoping for an online version as well). So for now, you can get them in those shops or by ordering them directly via the contact-info on the site.
If you’re going to FACTS, I’ll have some issues with me as well.