Continuing where we left off last week, we starting to get somewhere now.
I linked the comics together in a storyline, so you can see all parts (past and present) if you go here. That link will always be in the footer of the comic post as well. That way you can always go back to an earlier comic in case you missed something.

You might have seen the poll I put up a couple of days ago about the Beardfluff name. Most of you told me that either way of writing made sense but also voted that the name (and logo) stay in 1 word. So that’s what it’s going to be. ‘Beardfluff’ stays the way it is. I also tweaked the logo in the header of the site to avoid confusion. Thank you to everyone who got involved.
And now I will draw a winner from my magical top hat. *drum roll* And the winner is… ‘Alive’, who commented on the blog post. Thank you!

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Jety Lefr

see there’s where I start asking a questions.
which is just the questioned asked, and what exactly is the fire-bird thing. A phoenix? The grass(?)man’s heart?