Another strategy, wait until there’s someone else, walk behind them, then use them as a decoy while you jettison to safety!

Also another strategy, pretend you’re talking on the phone! “Yes yes I’m a busy phone person talking on the phone don’t you agree person on the other end I’m talking to? DON’T IGNORE ME!”


Oh right, I’ve done that before as well. The decoy strategy works very well if you time it right. Haven’t tried the phone thing yet. Thanks for the suggestion!


I usually have the most awkward social interactions ever, and I usually make it worse by not slowing down at all. Sometimes it’s a really lame “I’ve got a thing… that… I need to get to” or a full on conversation train-wreck as I try to apologetically answer their lead-in question after I’ve already passed by them.

One time a lady at a desk waved at me, and I mistook her for someone I knew and waved back with a smile. And then I cowardly walked on by when I realised my mistake. She must’ve been really confused by that.


my trick is to look angry and start talking Russian… they get very scared and stop asking questions

try it, 100% result garantueed!

Just say: “Ja ne panemaju, ja iz Rassii” i.e. “I don’t understand you, i’m Russian”.

Please note however, this trick is not to be used in Russia or other Ex-USSR states