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“Fire and stone”

A fantasy epic about a flame trying to find its way home

Ashes 04

On that note, we say goodbye to our bird friends. When I started this story 10 months ago, I didn’t think it would become this big journey but I had fun making it. I hope you enjoyed my try at long-form storytelling & fantasy as well and thank you for following along & not bitching about me trying out something

Ashes 03

Another big reveal! And with that, we’re only 2 pages away from the very end. Join us next week when we say goodbye to our 3 bird friends.

Ashes 02

He had it coming. Join us again in 2 weeks for the next installment!

Ashes 01

Were you surprised? A little bit I hope. Next update will be … well, I’m not sure yet. A bit busy with planning trips and work at the moment but you’ll hear it when I know. And there’ll be a few fillers, so I’ll try to keep you entertained.

Fusion 04

This marks the end of our third chapter. That means we’re back to regular fun(ny) comics for the next few weeks and maybe a bit of filler stuff until I start the 4th and also final chapter.

Fusion 03

Happy New year! Enjoy the first Beardfluff comics of 2012! I’ve been busy the past week so you you can expect the final 3 pages of this chapter next Wednesday. After that I’m taking a couple of weeks to write and draw the final chapter. But I should have some filler art up every Wednesday until that starts up. Let

Fusion 02

I’ve caught up on a bit drawing during my Christmas holiday, so the next installment should be next week. Be sure to check back then.

Fusion 01

And we’re back with a new chapter in our firebird saga. We’re going back in time for this one. The next update will be in 2 weeks, with the next 3 pages. I’ll probably post an illustration as filler next week.

Extinction 13

That is it for the second chapter! I have 2 small stories and a 1-pager ready for you in the weeks leading up to December while I’m taking a small break to write the rest and finish other work. Oh, and I’m changing the update schedule! (There’s a longer explanation in the news post, but this is the important stuff:)

Extinction 12

Come back next week for the final page of the second chapter in this firebird story. (By the way, if you’re still on the fence about buying the Beardfluff book, why not check out this excellent review by the folks over at GAFBO). After that, I’m taking a little break to do some writing and prepare for ThoughtBubble. But fear