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Guestcomics and fan art

guest art – Doomer

Here’s some guest art for you today, since I spent most of last week in Frankfurt instead of making comics. These wicked drawings were made by Brazilian underground artist Doomer. He’s into dirty punk and death metal and has a thing for skulls but don’t let that scare you off, he’s a pretty nice guy. The work gets pretty heavy

Guestcomic by Ryan Hudson

Since I’m still in the US, Ryan (of ChannelAte fame), has graciously agreed to make me a guest comic. Look! He even got a cut-out beard in there! This is just perfect. Be sure to check out more of this madness at channelate.com . You won’t regret it, I assure you. EDIT: you’ll notice that the pixelation (jpg artifacts) are

Guest month – Bearded Batman

This piece of art comes from the talented Joe Hunter, who’s comics you can admire over at Journalin Comix. His style is perhaps best described as ‘Insane hobo rambling’, so it won’t surprise anyone that I was immediately hooked and commissioned a piece when I had the chance.

Guest month – Stressed out

This week’s guestcomic offers a look into the everyday life of The Greatest Beard. It comes from Philippa Rice of My Cardboard Life fame. As you can see, her comics are quite different from most. No pencils or inks here. Instead each comic is carefully handcrafted out of paper, cardboard and wittiness. By the way, the Beardfluff Facebook Page mini-contest

Guest month – mr. Migraine

You’re in for a treat (almost wrote ‘threat’ there, hehe). April is guest month here at Beardfluff headquarters and we’re starting with Lucas Dewilde. Lucas is a man of many talents: a grahic designer, graphic artist, all-round twisted individual with a near encyclopedic knowledge of music (and a huge record collection) and a poet. Reasons enough to want to share