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The comics that aren’t in a specific collection.

Uncommon Snails

A guide to some less common snails (not to be confused with Erika Moen’s snails ). (If you support the comic on Patreon, you can read the comics almost a day before I post them here)

Scuba diving

I made a bunch of cartoons and illustrations for Kortrijk’s SUB magazine. This is one that didn’t make it but since you don’t need the associated article to understand the joke, I thought I’d put it up here.


I reduced prices in the Beardfluff shop permanently + added free digital versions with the printed comics. Yup, free digital comics along with the printed books!

Migraine’s quest

This 2-page bit of nonsense was made as a submission a while back, but that didn’t work out soooo I will leave here for you fine folks reading on the internet.

Hey, listen!

Apologies to Omocat . I had a moment last week when fantasy met reality. I’m back to experimenting with the way I make comics. It’s not going smoothly but I’m kinda bored with the process I’ve been using, so I just have to push throught I guess.

Hourlies 2013

My hourly comics from last Friday.

recipe for revenge

Today’s comic is a Shakespeare adaptation. A happy New Year, to all! I have a bit of news to go with new beginnings. I added the original drawings for the ‘Mauled by’ strips to the shop. There’s a limited run of Dino Allan Poe posters. If these do well, I’ll add more designs (like this motivational one for example). The

Never forget

Glob knows how long I’ve had this pitch for a grimy movie about an elephant out for revenge. You can also still give your thoughts on the recent poll (on Facebook or in comments), I would appreciate it.