Beardfluff returns

Beardfluff returns without an update schedule but with more comics than before. Just not all in color.

As you might have seen, I’ve been having fun with a new comic project on Tumblr. In order to keep everything accessible for the readers of Beardfluff, I also started added them on Beardfluff, in a seperate collection. That way they’ll show up in the regular RSS-feed and you don’t have to follow 2 different sites.

The idea is that I’ll still post colored comics (or fillers) on Wednesdays. I’m just no longer promising weekly posts.
The Maulings will be posted on other weekdays to compensate.
Here as well: no fixed update-schedule. So sometimes there could be 1 a week, at other times it could be 5.

I did some thinking while on hiatus, about how having a weekly deadline has helped me put out some nice work and create a routine but it’s become restrictive when trying to make longer stories or bigger projects. If I want to give myself more room for starting new projects or writing stories, I need to drop the deadlines, at least for a while.



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