New update schedule

That’s right, I’m changing the update schedule.

But what does that mean for you, the reader? Well…

  • When running a stretch of stand-alone comics (like most comics so far), they will still be posted on Wednesday.
  • When running longer stories, you will get multiple pages (3 to 5) at once but several weeks apart (2 to 4).
  • To compensate for a lack of posting during a storyline, I could maybe show progress sketches, do a screen cast, some illustrations … I’m still thinking about it. (I’m taking suggestions if you have any)

How can you keep up with the posts?

  • Firstly, there’s this handly RSS feed,
  • you can follow me on Twitter (@LordRembo for general stuff, @Beardfluff purely for the comics), Tumblr or on Facebook.
  • There’s this new site called InkOutbreak that allows you to keep up with your favourite comics. Here’s Beardfluff.
  • and lastly, you could add yourself to the mailinglist* below. I’ll start using in December

* No worries, I’m not going to spam you, it’s strictly for letting you know there’s been an update or big news concerning the comic (such as this schedule change).

Why am I doing this?
Since starting a longer storyline, I’ve heard the remark that it’s not easy to follow along at a ‘1 page per week’ pace. There’s a few reasons for that.
My construction of the story doesn’t follow a straight line, I jump around a bit, leaving bits unexplained for now. I’m also still trying to find my way in writing stories. I try to give every page something interesting (be it a joke or a question) but it’s a work in progress never the less. Not every page is as self-contained and entertaining as, say, the pages in Bad Machinery (yet).
I’ve talked about it with a few readers and friends and I’ve felt it in the number of visitors (the decline, to be precise). So from now on, if I have multiple page stories, I’m going to post them in chunks but for that I need the time to make them. If you know that it takes me a week to produce 2 full-color pages, when I don’t have any other projects on my plate (besides the full-time job), you can understand why I’m changing things up a bit.