Rembo (a.k.a. the autor)
Bearded cartoonist/webdesigner with an identity crisis.
First appearance: Intro

The Greatest Beard (a.k.a. ‘Beard’)
A sentient, floating beard. He’s charismatic, cool and gererally pretty bad-ass. Likes tea, dislikes razors.
Storylines: The Greatest Beard, Talk of Beards

Edwin The Furry Gnome
A garden gnome who dresses up as a tiger… Yeah, I know but he’s really not that bad.

Bearded batman
Only the greatest superhero! He doesn’t take shit from anyone. Sure, he’s got an anger problem and he’s is a bit high strung but he gets the job done.

Angry old man
Just plain mad and cranky all the time. He doesn’t like anything or anyone, especially small children and animals. Watch out when he starts swinging his cane, he’s got a pretty good arm for such an old guy.