Stumptown wrap-up

Table set-upHello, citizens of the internet! Apologies for missing a comic on Wednesday. I should’ve uploaded a filler but forgot about that. Blame the pre-convention stress. By now I have returned home to my laptop, in order to delight (or bore) you with the tales of my travels.

The convention itself was delightful, as expected. I was quite lucky to be sat in the same row as Alex (of Buttersafe fame), who I met previously at APE (Alternatie Press Expo) in San Francisco 2 years ago (It’s already been 2 years? Dang.) and who is still as awesome! Sadly, I didn’t get to see Ray this time, but next time for sure!

My other neighbours were Davin (who makes these cool 1-inch comics and other fun stuff) and Brad who makes dangerous comics. Being a bit of an awkward person and usually traveling alone, attending a convention can be challenging, so it’s amazing that I end up next to some of the nicest people there, nearly every time. And this time was no exception.

Most of the con, I spent behind my table but I managed to find a few moments to check out some other exhibitor’s work and get a copy of The Adventures of Superhero Girl, by Faith Erin Hicks. You should read the comic, it’s ass-kickingly good and head-punchingly delightful.

One thing that was very different to my experiences with English and Belgian comic cons, was the interest in the prints. Before this, I was actually thinking of just dropping them altogether. Now, I’m not so sure. So yeah, I had a great time at Stumptown Comics Fest (and in Portland in general). Met a lot of nice people on both sides of the tables, learned a few things and had a bit of time off to visit the city itself. A++, would do it again!

P.S. I made a few pictures of Portland while I was there.



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