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“Talk of beards”

Talk of beards – part 1

It’s been a while but I trust you all remember “The Greatest Beard!”. Last time we saw him, he was stuck to someone’s face after some trouble that began here. What happened since then? How did he get unstuck? Tune in next week to find out more. Other news: I’m now on Formspring, so you can ask me questions if

Talk of beards part 2

Not exactly sure how many parts there will be yet. Only 4 or 5 I think, so bear with me.

Talk of beards – part 3

After griping about my final artwork compared to the dynamisme of my thumbs, I promised to share both. So there you have it. Like it, hate it, should I share more “in progress” shots? If I do, I’d put them on the Facebook page instead of in the posts though.

Talk of beards – part 4

I might wrap everthing up with the next part, but I think it’ll work better if I plit it in 2 more pages. In any case, you’ll find that out next week! In other news: I quit my job this week. I’ll write more on that on Friday (check out my twitter/blog). A change in life and career is what

Talk of beards – ending

That’s a wrap, folks. Back next week with something completely different. I’m going to take a step back with the coloring. Simplify it a bit (like in the last pigeon comic for example) because I’m not too happy with the way these last few pages turned out. I’ve been rushing the coloring I think and I really shouldn’t. Also, I