Another comic made on the Samsung Note 10. After some experimentation, I don’t think Sketchbook Ink is all that great for finished work.

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Hey, I recently got a Galaxy Note 8.0 and have been looking for a good drawing app. Do you have any suggestions? What has your experience been so far?


I had to manually adjust the pressure sensitivity because the pen was way to sensitive. You can’t do it with software so I had to google it. After that, I found it pretty nice to use for doodling.
I’ve been using Infinite Painter, Sketchbook for Galaxy (almost identical to Sketchbook Pro) and Sketchbook Ink. The first 2 are good for sketching and I like that you can adjust the canvas size. The last one is what I used for inking this comic. It doesn’t have a lot of features (e.g. no paintbucket) but I like that you can export to large file sizes. Probably because the original drawing saves the strokes as vectors instead of pixels. Don’t export to a smaller size than your screen size though, because the lines will become very thin and pixelated.