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The comics that aren’t in a specific collection.

Couldn’t care less

This is something I’d like to expand on in a short story I think. Some normal boring guy constantly getting harrased to go off to other worlds and go on adventures.

Open spaces

I guess it’s something to do with a feeling of insignificance, paired with one of connectiveness? I’m bordering on another existential crisis.


It wasn’t that bad, really. (I got a Batman logo tattooed, by the way.) In other news: we have a new store.


I imagine genies are just about fed up with wise-asses asking for ‘unlimited wishes’. Exactly what part of ‘you get 3 wishes’ don’t people understand?

Critical failure

Don’t worry, his main circuits are located in his rear compartment.

Dealing with change

Did you know you can now buy my latest comic book ‘Fire & Stone’? It’s available in glorious paper or digital format! And even better, it’s at a 20% discount this week. I’m also offering the previous book at the same discount. paper or digital.


Maybe my weirdest comic so far?