Mugshots. No, actually, these are based on various id-pictures taken through the years. Funny stuff. I’m tempted to scan a whole bunch of them. Maybe by the next update.Look here. I’m missing some essential shots, unfortunately. Like the mullet. Embrassing stuff none the less. The last one is from last week, taken with my iSight.

I’m thinking about making a mini-comic or a zine with a selection of the webcomics + unseen ones. Throw in a couple of pinups perhaps. I don’t think I have enough visitors to add a fullblown store to the site, but perhaps a page with some ordering info would be useful? I’m asking you, faithful visitor, for your opinion. (You know, the 3 of you.) Would you be interested in this?



And yet again you chronicle part of my life! You sure your not watching me or something hahaha

Nice line work!