Tattoos have a reputation of being tags for all kinds of bad people, ranging from pirates to gangs. But they’re also art or even ways to show devotion, in other cultures.
I’m in the market for getting a good tattoo, but being in a constant state of confusion, I’m worried about the result. I want something that I can still look at 10 years from now and go “awesome!”.
Freaky coincidence, but this story made headlines today: Girl asked for 3 stars and got 56 on her face.
I’d like to open up the floor to your experiences with getting a tattoo. Got any pictures or opinions on them? Feel free to share.
Leave it in the comments, or even better, check out the forum.

In other news, fellow TNP artist Evan Diaz rebooted his webcomic last Monday. Adjust your Musings-bookmark and welcome Pajama Forest!