It’s never quite like in the movies, is it? Although I’m glad not to have been set on fire, I am a little disappointed by the way my termination was handled last Thursday. Not even a small riot or a shout. Oh well.
What are your experiences with being canned? Did you burn a couple of bridges on the way out or are you still pals with your old bosses? Are you seething with rage over ‘The state of the economy’ being used as a cover-up for mismanagement? Leave your remarks in the comments below, or take it to the forum.


Daniel J. Olson

Sorry to hear that man. I’ve never been fired, I’ve quit every job I’ve ever had. I HAVE had to fire people though, which is one of the worst feelings in the world. The last job I had I did a lot of firing. I was a regional manager for a local chain of bookstores the whole situation ended very poorly. The owner ended up getting into heavy drugs and defaulted on loans. It fell into receivership and I quit shortly thereafter. The thing that really blows is that the bookstores had been open for nearly 100 years.