Not to say that we, as a species, are predisposed to making the wrong choices in life, but it sure looks like we don’t have any sense to think ahead. Nor to look back unfortunately.

Hey, look at that! Next week I’ll have reached the 100th comic! That should mean the worst comics are behind me, right? … Yeah, I live in hope 😀



I have observed that some individuals make poor choices and bad decisions with intent, fully understanding the consequences with no lack of foresight. Some people are more than willing, even predisposed, to suffer long-term repercussions for a short period of fun. Some even glamorize it under the guise of “learning life lessons the hard way.” It sounds misanthropic, but some people just deserve their misery. You reap what you sow, etc.


I wouldn’t go so far as to say they deserve it, but yeah, see where you’re coming from. Unfortunately I think it’s sometimes hard to draw the line between those that seek it out and those that are mentally incapable of thinking 5 minutes ahead. Though I will laugh at the guy getting inside the lion cage and getting mauled: