I’m referencing the movie The Day The Earth Stood Still, mixing it with current ecological disasters.
If you haven’t seen the original or the remake, here’s a bit of plot for you (SPOILERS):

In both the 1951 and the 2008 movie, an alien lands on earth with the message that we are a threath to ourselves as well as alien life, so we need to change or be destroyed.
In the original it was referencing the cold war and impending doom by nuclear weapons. In the remake however, it’s about what we’re doing to the planet. The earth is one of a small group of planets that can support complex life (as the alien puts it) so it needs to be saved. And hey, the planet doesn’t need us to survive so we’re expendable.

Now let me rant for a bit.
If I’m being a bit cynical about it, I’d say we’re past the point of no return. We have an ecological disaster every couple of years, the latest one being the BP oil spill obviously. Look at this shit: Pics from May and an overlay.
But what really gets on my nerves, is everyone playing the BP blame game. Oh sure, I’m as pissed as anybody that a big corporation gets away with blowing of security protocols and fascilitating this disaster. They’re arrogant, obnoxious and shortsighted. But it’s not the first time oil spills into the ocean (Exxon Valdez anyone?) yet we still let companies pump oil out of it and transport it by ships. Why? Because we’ve built a life around oil and it’s hard to find a way around that.
Now I’m not saying we should go cold turkey or that I have the answer to the problem. No, I’m just saying we’re the ones using the oil and we should take some responsibility for it. Dissing BP is fun and all but what are we doing about long-term sollutions?