I felt like continuing a bit with my experimental streak. This should be the last one, really.

A great thing about building perspective in a 2D medium like comics or movies, is that you can create an overlap. This is how you can make 3D illusions. A good example is the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy. They used perspective trickery to make the hobbits look tiny in comparison to the rest of the characters. The principle is that something that’s supposed to be far away, looks smaller. But things that are smaller can also just be, you know, actually smaller. So they had the hobbits stand a bit in the distance.

M.C. Escher is quite famous for playing with perspective to draw impossible constructions, based on similar principles. The infinite loop I made in the comic is based on his ‘Waterfall’. On the right you can see the guys running along a bended but still horizontal path, yet if you look at the left side of the building (or the column in the middle), you see they climbed up 2 levels somehow. If you were to turn the viewpoint it wouldn’t work.



I always liked looking at images like this, boggles the mind, many thanks for making this sir!