You might have seen it on Twitter or in the news section, but in case you didn’t, the latest book is now also available as a download.
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In other news, I’m thinking about changing the update schedule for the comic. I think it would be ideal if you could read a whole chapter in 1 go. That way, a story like the bird story would be easier to follow. With a page a week it’s easy to forget what’s going on unless you re-read everything.
If I go this route, I would start a mailing list to announce updates and other stuff. And I need to figure out something else to put online each week anyway so you won’t forget about me 😛
Maybe black & white funnies, maybe illustrations, I’m not sure. Livestreaming my comics process perhaps?

Anyways, stuff to think about. I’ll finish this chapter first so I can build my buffer a bit before deciding what I’ll do.
Of course, your ideas in the comments are welcome as well.



Feeds dude, feeeeeeds.
(Also known as “RSS”, but that’s just one type of feed tech that has incorrectly become synonymous with all feeds)

Feeds were made precisely to solve this very problem! Google Reader (my personal feed reader of choice) checks feeds from hundreds of comics every day for me. Wecomics with feeds make it trivially-easy for me to keep up to date with their latest activity irregardless of their update frequency. Slow or fast matters little to me! And that’s just the comic side of what I’m subscribed to via Reader.

The idea of a “mailing list” makes me feel like this guy from the latest xkcd comic. There’s so much technological power available to us that’s just sitting around unused in this day and age…

Sorry for the nerd rant… I kind of also have a grudge against mailing lists because of my job in IT. The older crowd of the IT industry use it exclusively, which makes researching technical solutions through their archives a pain in the neck. Thank God for Stack Overflow’s recent rise in popularity… but again I’m ranting…


Oh yes, (RSS) feeds are perfectly wonderful and I’m not planning on removing mine. The mailing list would be an additional means for interested people to keep track. Along with Facebook and Twitter. I know it sounds aweful and old-fashioned but fact of the matter is, not everyone uses RSS or Atom feeds while 99% of people do have an e-mail address. So it’s an option I’d like to keep open for the old-fashioned folks, just in case. Using a mailinglist exclusively would be preposterous. I don’t understand why anyone would do that, especially with the popularity of Twitter and Facebook. To be perfectly honest, I’ve only been using RSS feeds for about a year (and I work in webdesign *shame*), before that I just used my bookmarks folders in Safari for keeping track of things. Oh what a revelation it has been since.
Thanks for the nerd rant. I appreciate hearing someone else’s point of view on these things. I’ll make a point to recommend subscribing to the feed if and when I change gears here.