Trying something a little different this week. It’s a looping comic I built by trying to fill a random set of panels instead of writing a joke or story with a punchline. It ‘reads’ along the edges of the comic. I thought having the colors flown into each other and cover te whole spectrum would accentuate that feeling of a loop but now ’m not too sure it works. Too much rainbow for my taste. So here’s an alternative as well. What do you think?



la colorisation alternative fait mieux ressortir le fond, mais en dehors du haut de la page où elle donne un effet vieilli un peu SF années 20, le changement est ailleurs un peu subit, et en bas de page le côté vert glauque très accentué attire à mon avis trop le regard directement vers le bas.

Alernative colours emphasize the background, but out of the top of the page where it gives it a kind of vintage 20’s sci-fi, the change from one colour to another is a bit harsh, and on the page bottom the more green than blue kind of green is keeping attracting the reader’s eye directly down.


That’s a very helpful constructive comment, thank you! +10 for multiple languages 😛
I hadn’t noticed that the green took so much attention, I had been looking at it for too long probably.