Man, those resolutions never amount to anything so I just stop making them altogether. I’m serious about the drawing though but I already started last month. The goal is to fill a page in my sketchbook a day (when I’m not drawing the comic).

I do have a few changes lined up:

  • Maybe you noticed the brand new font (thanks Comic Book Fonts for the New Year’s discount!). The uppercase letters and the lack of special characters in ‘Anime Ace’ bothered me a bit so I’m trying this font called ‘Comicrazy’ now.
  • I added my cut-out moustaches in the store and the beards now come in 4 different colours.
  • Ah, and I’m currently working on the new site design, which should be finished sometime in Februari I think.

So what are you up to this year?



I must have some sort of mental deficiency, I don’t notice font changes as much as everyone else does. I can tell the difference between huge things like serif/sans-serif/monospace, but for anything subtle I’m pretty much blind to it. Is that normal?


Oh, I think most people don’t notice it that much. Despite using letters all the time, we are just so used to them that we go straight for the message and ignore the shape of it.