In which I tell you why my god is better than yours. Or is it a work of satire in which the absurdity of one’s fundamental beliefs is called into question? Or maybe just an excuse to draw anthropomorphic cups.



Nonsense! Obviously you haven’t read up on the long and storied history of Coffee, eh? The Italians have turned coffee making into an art. Have you tried an affogato? πŸ˜›

That filthy coffee you’ve tasted is because it’s made from stale beans. That’s the rookie mistake that sadly way too many people make, because it’s “cheap”. I’ve even made that mistake, back when I hadn’t found out yet that anything bought from a supermarket has already long gone stale before it even arrived on the shelves. And even that pre-ground junk I used was better than the instant “coffee” my co-workers still use… *shudder*

Freshly roasted and ground beans are the only way to drink anything that isn’t black swill. The oils don’t last more than a week or so after roasting, and only a handful of hours after grinding. A good cup of espresso made from fresh beans has a rich crema on the top.

Also, here’s a fun video about coffee πŸ˜›


I chortled at the description beneath “in which I tell you why my god is better than yours”