Website redesign 2012

As is tradition, I have once again redesigned the website. A few things you may notice:

  • Clean and simple: Going further then last time, I designed this site straight in the browser. No color except for links, no images except for the logo and 2 small banners on top.
  • No more 3rd-party ads: They just get in the way of the important stuff and seeing as they don’t generate all that much money, I thought it best to remove them. I kept 2 small banners for the store. And the InkOutbreak banner. They’ve got good stuff.
  • No social media buttons: There’s been an interesting debate about the usefulness of Like-buttons and such lately. Looking at how little traffic they generate and seeing how these slow down my site, I found it best to remove them and just keep a short url underneath the comic. If anyone wants to share a comic, I’m guessing they’ll know what to do. I did make a seperate section with icons linking to my various other online outlets. Those are a bit more useful.
  • Adaptive/responsive: Depending on your window/screen size, the site should rearrange itself to provide you with a better viewing experience. The comic should rescale to fit on mobile devices, showing you the full image on load but can be zoomed in to read panel by panel. For the ‘normal’ screen sizes (say, a small desktop computer), it will scale as little as possible to ensure a good quality image that’s still readable. Some older comics are quite wide so that took a bit of fiddling.
  • No support below IE9: I dropped IE6 last year, now I’m dropping IE7 and IE8 as well. This may seem harsh but I’m confident there shouldn’t be big issues. The guys and gals surfing on older IE will still be able to read the comic, I’m just not putting any effort in fixing layout issues or disappearing content.

There you have it. If you run into any trouble, please let me know in the comments or whichever other way you prefer. Just like last year, I’ll be tweaking the site as I go on. In any case, I hope you find the experience more pleasant with the new design.



looks mighty slick, sir!
question: what’s with the TWO twitter follow icons? i assume they go to different accounts, but i do not see an indicator as to which is which? or am i missing it?
admiration: the two banner links at the top DISAPPEAR when i scroll down and there is not enough room for them to display fully. WHAT SORCERY IS THIS?


Thanks! The 2 are different, yeah. I’m still looking for a good way to differentiate between the 2. Or maybe I’ll drop one. Not sure I need a specific twitter account for the comic itself. What are your thoughts on that?
There’s a bit of javascript to detect the scrolling and then hide any overlapping stuff.