It was getting late when I finished the line work on this one, so I decided to do the shading later on, my apologies. This one is a round-up of our first day in Berlin. I entertained the thought of making a series of 4 comics (one for each day) but dropped the idea. There’s just too much I could put in there. Filtering events and drawing this one already took me days. That’s a bit too much time to put in this weekly comic than I can afford right now. Maybe at a later time, who knows. I’d definitely like to write longer stories anyway. Oh well, I hope you enjoy this one.

EDIT October 6th:
Finally got around to doing the greys on this one. If you just the line art, hit refresh a couple of times.



Which one did he promosied to you? He said I could have Romania, if I dont make this dirty story with the ducks public…but now Iam a little suspicious, that he will keep his promise…

btw. I really like your comic! It is great!


That is my bag he’s throwing up in in the subway. At last my 5 minutes of international fame: my (former) plastic bag on the internet