I should probably point out that the gesture of the bald man in the second panel, means something similar to the flipping the finger. Not sure it’s used that commonly elsewhere.
Maybe too much of an explanation, but just to make sure it’s understood: he’s compairingcomparing his beard’s intentions (i.e. speaking for another person) to that of a very meddlesome mother. Was that clear when reading the strip? After looking at it for the 100th time, I’m not sure anymore. So any comments on that will be greatly appreciated.



Euhm, i am in doubt too 😉
Esp the last panel is kinda confusing…:-)

Just my two cents of course…oh and there is a typo in comparing. 😉

Still like the comics though 😉


Thanks for pointing out the typo, it’s all fixed now. Maybe I should have let the comic rest a while before drawing it. It’s one of those cases where the idea seemed hilarious to me and I rushed to make up the panels to fit it in.

mythical salmon

i always thought that gesture means something like *you give me erections* and was a king of remark on how attractive that person was.

so this comic frightens me.