Argh, too little time, too little sleep and I barely got the comic finished in time. The weather over here has been horrible lately. Umbrellas and wind don’t mix.

EDIT 12/19/09:

When I was making this comic, I was pretty sure it’s not the best joke around. But since a lot of these comics revolve around what I deal with from in day to day life, I let the thought pass. I found it relevant to my past week, so it’s more personal than ha-ha-funny really.

That said, I was surprised to discover that DAR made almost the exact same comic 2 years ago. I felt delighted at first because I admire Erika’s work and it’s kinda cool to see I’ve stumbled upon the same playing field. And then shame crept in. Shame because I actually have her book and should’ve remembered reading this comic (I still don’t, but I’m sure I have). So it’s like unconscious plagiarism.

It also made me think of Dave Kellett’s post about coincidences when writing jokes. How some material seems to pop up in different places. We all tap into shared experiences when writing stories, making comics or other art. The post is an interesting read and makes me think about originality and coincidence in another way.

All in all, I’m still kind of disappointed in myself for coming up with this comic though. I’m not old enough to blame it on Alzheimer’s yet.