Vote for the comic and read the alternative ending!

Last week I mentioned a mini comic that I was making for StripTurnhout (a Belgian comic book con). The little book turned out pretty well and I got some feedback from comic artists like Matt Madden and Jessica Abe (authors of ‘Drawing words and writing pictures’).
It’s my first time getting to chat with some professionals in the field and it’s got me motivated. For that matter, it was my first time meeting some Belgian talent as well. While I was waiting to show my stuff to the pros, I had the chance to talk with 2 very nice artists.

One of them posts her comics as Sigune on Livejournal and in The Sleeper’s Den on Blogspot. She’s currently posting her Gawain Project called ‘The Darkest Hour’. Great art, Arthurian history/legend and a good story to read. Check out her work, it’s awesome.



I like both versions of this comic, but I think the alternative ending leaves a longer-lasting impression.


Ah, interesting to hear. I thought the first one would work better for people, since it’s about the recognizable conflict between men/women. The second one is kinda dark. Didn’t figure it would click.
Good to know it works!