My greatest enemy is probably indecision. The struggle to figure out what I should do first with my time has cost me many hours, either sitting around paralyzed or walking back and forth in frustration. One of my many artistic (autistic, really) traits.

I thought I’d go for some dramatic lighting and coloring here, it seemed fitting and I had some time for experimenting. I like the use of textures, gradients & highlights that I’ve been seeing in a lot of comics lately (like ‘Wormwood: Gentleman corpse’ or ‘The Surrogates’) but that may be a bit too dirty for me. We’ll see, I need to play more with coloring anyway.

Also, you’ll notice a change in page orientation. After the cost and problems with printing up some square comics (available right here by the way) I thought I’d make some comics in a more standard size. It’ll force me to change my writing a bit as well, which is never a bad idea. Getting a bit tired of the horizontal strip.



Wow, you’re new, “beard with short hair and stripes look” is pretty badass. You should go Jack Bauer some Terrorists.