I get asked questions about Belgium every so often. It seems the country is mostly known for its food, beer and lousy politics but not much else. So I took it upon myself to search the internet for more interesting achievements.

Anyways, click the links if you want to know more. It’s important to note that most discoveries are the work of multiple people or are built upon important work of others. Nothing comes from nothing. An interesting tidbit: in the case of the Big Bang Theory, there were even multiple people who came up with the same idea but that aren’t always credited for it. One of them being Edgar Allen Poe.

A good place to find out more about Belgium, if you’re interested, is wikipedia or this site about famous Belgians. The name is rather ironic because most of these people in their top 10 are only know in Belgium.



Hmm I heard a cover of Plastic Bertrand by The president of the USA. Of course they thought he’s french. What is strange to me on this webiste is the total lack of the belgian electronic scene, which is and has been more than once pioneering with people such as Dirk Ivens, Front 242, Luc Van Aker, This Morn Omina… and I only take a peak on the industrial side there…


Ahh Tin Tin, I remember those cartoons and comics! I feel like going and watching old cartoons now…


I think you should. They are great! There’s a lot of buzz about the new movie coming out soon. Lots of great writers on board but the fact that it’s motion capture gives me a bad feeling about it all.


Ooohh! Nice! We had this ‘fight’ recently with our colleagues. Coming from different countries, we Googled and Wiki’d all we could find about our national history to show off. Scotland invented the bathtub. 😀