This comic comes straight from a conversation I had with my co-worker @SoezieQ last week. She sent me a link to this delicious bedding set and the rest is history. I’d buy it but the risk of this actually happening is just too big.

Some chocolate related news: I’m a big fan of chocolate and so I’m looking to have Beardfluff chocolate bars made. More precisely: 100% slave-free chocolate bars in custom designed Beardfluff wrappers. (again suggested by @SoezieQ)
Not yet sure if I’ll ship internationally (depends on the costs) but I’ll have them at cons and such. So look forward to that.

The birds return in 2 weeks, so I have one more journaly type comic for you next week.



Gaaaahhh! I would’ve gotten my boyfriend one but it’s a bit pricey. And it’s single matrass only, otherwise I could’ve considered it a Christmas gift… man!
I’d love to see those chocolate bars btw! :O


Yeah, it’s a bit much. Shipping costs from Australia could probably be pretty expensive as well.
The chocolate bar wrappers should be finished this weekend but I don’t know yet how long it takes them to process the order. I’ll post an update and pictures as soon as I have them!