Experimental comic! One thing I love about comics is the manipulation of our perception of time. The act of reading itself (left to right, top to bottom in the Western world) takes us forward in time along a series of events. Pretty straitforward, right? It’s called “sequential art” for a reason. So if I were to start reading backwards, I would essentially be traveling back in time. Introduce a sequence of events that reverses the reading order and you’ve got yourself an infinite loop.

Okay, too confusing. How about this:

  • You can read it as a story that goes back in time by a couple of moments with each panel.
  • Or you could see the middle panel as both a ‘next’ and a ‘previous’ moment. It’s happening just after ànd just before the coin is dropped, essentially creating a loop that keeps going from top to bottom and bottom to top.

With a good story I think it would be pretty awesome to make a comic that reads in both directions.

It’s very similar to the looping comic I made in the past but doesn’t break the panel structure.

There’s more experimental comics in the archive if you’re into that sort of thing.



Nice concept, trying to make something like this would probably make my head explode. Did you give the guy two different coloured shirts on purpose though?


They were supposed to be 2 different guys, on top and at the foot of the building. The guy at the bottom = the angel, so they have a different face and everythig. It’s only when I started coloring them that I noticed the one at the bottom could easily pass for the same guy. I thought that ambivalence was pretty cool, so I gave them the same colors. I honestly didn’t notice I missed the shirt 😀 I’m a bit color blind actually.